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My jewellery business, 'Canz Creations', has been entered into the Bath Spa University Business competition. I will present my business plan to a panel of judges on April 29th. In the meantime, please support me by buying my products. Thank You!

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- Shop 86, The Covered Market, St. Nicholas Market, Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1JQ.
-Courtyard Shops, Breedon Priory, Breedon-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire, DE73 8AZ.

'Canz Creations' Jewellery modelled

'Canz Creations' Jewellery modelled
Makayla Synak, Kalia Klein, Natalie, Ashleigh and Candice Landau

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bath Spa Business Plan Finalist - Candice Landau

Me (Candice Landau) standing at my board at the Bath Spa University Business Plan competition (29 April 2010). I was a finalist for the competition. If you are interested, you can read more about it here:,000-top-prize/
For the competition, I presented my Rhythmen designs - charms that embody the 'African rhythm of life' and that are there to bring 'hope, joy and energy'. 'Canz Creations' is the name that I started with. AFRI-canz has since been my branching off - a more specific line devoted wholly to jewellery art that is inspired by African art/life.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

fellows waiting to be turned into JEWELLERY!

Little Zulu Man (with earrings, eyes and painted headband), Spider, and Dragonfly!



Saturday, 13 February 2010

Glass and pearl baskets - earrings

Beautiful Green Glass and pearl baskets. 

Rainbow earrings

Glass wire wrapped earrings. 

Peal dangle earrings

Pink and green pearl earrings - each pearl individually wire wrapped with copper plated coloured wire. 

Circle earrings

Mesmerizing green circles - made entirely of polymer clay and outlined with 3D paint. Beautiful silver earring hooks. 

Butterflies against 'wood' - earrings

Butterflies (hand painted by me) with beautiful wood style polymer clay base. 

Frog on a 'Lily' - earrings

Polymer Clay of my own creation with small silver plated frog charms. 

Pink pearl earrings

Pink dyed pearls, all wire wrapped with copper plated pink and turquoise wire. 

The Sea in your ears - earrings

Button and shell charm gold earrings. 

Pink Flower earrings

These earrings are made of seed beads. The center piece of each is a dyed pink freshwater pearl. My own design. 

seascape earrings

Glass drop beads and pearls. Silver earring hooks and rings. 

shell button and pearl earrings

Shell buttons and glass pearls. 

Dyed Freshwater Pearl earrings

Magnificent dyed freshwater pearls. The pearls are individually wrapped in different colour wires. All wire used for wrapping is copper plated. The rest is silver. 

Glass pearls on gold - earrings

A selection of pearls on gold plated chain earrings. 

Pearls on silver - earrings

Cool and warm coloured pearls on silver. Elegant earrings for any occasion. 

Bees and Pearls in gold (earrings)

Bees and Pearls in Gold!!

Autumn Chill earrings

Bronze earring hooks and chain with glass pearls wrapped in shining brown wire. 

Green and dim gold necklace-earring set

Beautiful rich set of real pearls, wire wrapped with bronze charms. 

Inspired Flower Necklace and earring set

This beautiful one-of-a-kind set of jewellery is comprised entirely of seed beeds. The colour scheme is inspired by Native American and Nepalese Jewellery. The large flower charm on the necklace hangs on a lovely round cord necklace. 

Glass Star Necklace and earring set

This necklace is comprised of a large glass pendant (tipped with gold), and burgundy, brown, gold, purple and clear seed beads. The earrings have small wire swirls over the white glass beads at their base. 

Long Purple and Gold wire wrapped necklace and earrings set

This necklace-earring set is comprised of glass beads and glass pearl beads. The large purple acryclic beads are wrapped with gilt wire. The rest of the beads similarly wrapped with fine plated wire. 

Heart and Pearl gold Necklace

This is an elegant necklace with a gold plated diamante heart charm. Dangling off the entire length of the necklace are a selection of glass pearl beads, each individually wire wrapped. 

Shell and heart diamante Necklace

A beautiful long necklace and earring set, made mostly of shell beads. Heart and anchor charm on bottom. 

Pearl Clutter charm on cord

Glass Pearl Clutter Necklace - made with a beautiful round cord necklace and brown wire. 

Cord and Pearl bracelet

Hemp cord with knots and pearls (freshwater and glass)

Glass pearl gold-plated bracelet

Glass charm bracelet

Elegant silver plated bracelet with little glass charms.
Colourful, sophisticated and fun!!

Polymer clay earrings

Polymer clay earrings

Green Freshwater Pearl earrings

Monday, 11 January 2010

Animal Necklace Charms



These animal necklace charms are my own creation. I can custom make other animals too.

Green Leaf earrings

Sequin, Glass drop, and silver earring hooks

Sunshine Man and wire wrapped earrings

Glass beads and a tiny figure of man with a glass bead sunflower belly, make this a very unique necklace and earring set.

Fire Tree Necklace and earring set

Elegant jewellery - glass beads, silver chain, silver earring hooks, and a beautiful Autumn coloured tree charm - uniquely handcrafted by me!

Elegant pearl and Swarovski crystal choker and earrings

Beautiful silver plated wire with tiny pearls and blue Swarovski crystals dangling lightly.